Commissions Paris Art Photographer

I do three types of art photography commissions in Paris.

Each is suited to the type of photography you wish to acquire.

Portable Portraits - 2010 Pascal Valu
Portable Portrait – 20x20cm – 2010
300€ package:

(similiar to “portable portrait”)

The package includes:
– My visit you for shooting;
– Fifty shootings;
– Choose from 10 shots I would preselected;
– The 20x20cm print;
– Home delivery;
– Certificate of sale;
– Certificate of authenticity.
– 100€ for each additional print.[/one_third]

In the background Pascal Valu
Sabines – 47x63cm – 2007
1000€ package:

(similar to “In the Background”)

The package includes:
– Shooting session in my studio;
– There are 4 shots that I would have pre-selected;
– Editing computer (clipping high definition and creation of the background);
– Film laminated to aluminum 32x40cm (plan to supplement largest circulation);
– Home delivery.
(Sold unframed)[/one_third]

Mascaron - Pascal Valu
Mascaron – 40x40cm – 2014

(price depending on project details)

The package includes:
– Meeting you to expose me your request;
– Realization of the image (moving, shooting);
– Choose from 10 shots I would preselected;
– Print in the format of your choice (laminated or not on aluminum or Dibon depending on size);
– Home delivery.[/one_third_last]

Commissions Paris Art Photographer

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