In the background – Digital male nude art photography


A further development of my work on B&W nude photography in which the background is as important as the subject itself. Indeed, each background is composed of copies of the body and is therefore wholly pertinant to the picture, and becomes an important element for the reading of the picture and its various interpretations…

Our consumerist society is that of ‘blanking’. That is, an object is taken out of its context, to be set on a white base–that of paper–in a void. Then it can be transposed anywhere.

In this work, the model is spacially displaced not so as to be distinct from the background but, on the contrary, so that he blends into it. Model and background form an image that is both subject and context.

These pictures claim a sense of misplaced humor.

In the background – Digital male nude art photography (2000-2009)



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