Mascarons and other ornaments


“In architecture, a mascaron is an external ornament representing a human figure whose function was, originally, to remove evil spirits so that they did not penetrate into the dwelling. They are often affixed to the keystone of the arches of the windows or doors or on the lintels, or on a modillon. “

A friend, fond of architecture, commissioned me a photo on the theme of mascarons. This order was the starting point of this exhibition. Jean-Charles Gibert who welcomed me proposed to extend the theme to other ornaments like caryatids and Atlantes.

The mascaron today has only a decorative function. The fact of photographing it allows to restore its symbolic character: to remove the evil spirits.

By hanging these photographic representations in a room (inside), I also change their scope: to preserve us from the evil spirits that inhabit us…

This exhibition consists of a dozen photographs, in square format for most of them between 30×30 and 50×50 cm. Each image is limited edition (5 copies), numbered and signed. Pigment printing (inkjet) on Rag paper satin M2.


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The work of the photo-plastician Pascal Valu