Super-positions photography

[one_half]The Photographer Pascal Valu has abandoned his view camera 4×5 inches and editor favorite image to screenshots superimposed porn!!!
It does not stop there, as if that were not enough, he uses the computer (still), but the wrong way to degrade the image till he almost unreadable. “Almost” because you still have to bait the voyeur… One guess parts of bodies, some positions that I hope he is familiar…
A book will be published specially for the occasion (for those who do not decrypt everything on site…) gathering exhibition photos and other photos and more…
You’ll finally have an excuse to stay long before an image… 😉 Massacre (1933) by André Masson, which made think more an orgy than anything else, may constitute a graphic reference to my Super-positions.

To buy the book:

Super-positions photography (2007)


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The work of the photo-plastician Pascal Valu